Samuel Maggs

IT Guy, Web Dev & Presenter

My name is Samuel. I live in Bath, UK where I work as an Application Support Specialist. I’m currently working for Curo who are a local housing association in the south west. I attended the University of Bath and gained a bachelors degree in Applied Computing (Hons).

Outside of work and education I like to tinker with home IT projects and web development. Some are completely unnecessary like a home VOIP phone system. Others are little things that can be of use like my bus stop application and the use of Home Assistant to manage the home automation things. More of my web projects can be found on where I put any development work as well as Codepen for smaller work.

I'm a Bath Rugby season ticket holder and sometimes you may find me recording a match report from the Bath Rugby Ladies home games. When not watching rugby I enjoy cycling, baking and making pizza in my pizza oven. I love to volunteer, and have helped out in many projects over the years. More can be found on the hobbies page. I have most recently stepped down as Chair of Bath Sound, a community radio station. An area I found myself working in for the past 6 years! So for now, I am seeing what comes about next.

If you’d like to get in touch, email me.

Image of Samuel Maggs with blue shirt brown hair. Hands are in pockets with grey walls behind it.