Work Experience

Below is a brief timeline of my work and my duties.

  • Curo June 2018 - present
    My current employment. Working as a IT Support Analyst starting new users into the company, setting up mobile devices and adding to the management system. Throughout the year I made visits to external sites to ensure that everything is working and equipment is registered.
  • Bath College Nov 2016 - Sept 2017
    I was a first line helpdesk technician tasked with handling user support tickets and calls. I would help to rectify an issue either remotely or in person when necessary. I was also responsible for building and repairing PCs that had been brought into the office as well as setting up new rooms and reimaging PCs.
  • Got Ya Back Nov 2015 - Oct 2017
    In my role as Project Manager I oversaw the general day to day running of the campaign. From organising meetings with stakeholders or volunteers, to arranging and presenting assemblies to students in schools. In my time as manager I have had to design posters, organize social media campaigns and liaise with the media to ensure good coverage of our campaign.
  • Bath Business Web June 2014 - Nov 2015
    Worked on building websites for clients. Taking websites all the way from design to the final website and communicating with clients to ensure they are happy. I used HTML, CSS and JS to do front end development with a WordPress backend. I would also answer the phone, complete general website maintenance and optimize sites SEO. Also attended SEO conferences and training as part of my work.
  • Sainsburys Sept 2013 - Jan 2014
    My job was to work on loss control as a general assistant. This involved checking for upcoming out of date stock and entering into the system, doing reductions that day as well as updating stock at the end of the day. When not working on loss control I would keep stock on the shelf, keep the work area tidy and assist customers.