Hobbies and Volunteering

What I have volunteered doing and what I get up to outside of work.

Outside of work I like to keep myself busy.

In my spare time I take part in archery with a local club, watch Bath Rugby (or at least keep up to date), play computer games (Probably X Plane 11 flight simulator - because its the closest I can get to being a pilot), build websites and tinker with all manner of tech.

If that wasn't enough to keep me busy, I also volunteer for a variety of causes and organisations. Most of the significant volunteering is detailed below.

Volunteering History

Celebrating being awarded national lottery funding

BA1 Radio

2017 – Present

BA1 Radio was setup by myself and 2 close friends. After our school station closed, we wanted to fill the gap that was left. It's aim is to provide training in employment skills and radio broadcasting. My role as part of BA1 Radio is the Chair of the board of trustees. This is partly down to my previous experience. This particular volunteering role has stretched me to learn more about legal issues, charitable law, policies and legal documents, fundraising and volunteer co-ordination.

Although BA1 Radio is only just getting started, I am really excited to see how far it can go. You can find out more about the organisation on the website.

Me and the team at the Launch

Got Ya Back

2014 – 2017

Got Ya Back is a project that was formed in October 2014 after many fatalities occurred in Bath. I worked in a team of students at college to help develop this campaign. Its aim is to ensure students and young people look after one another when out and about at night or on the way home from a night out. It is mainly a publicity campaign to spread awareness. Over the course of 2 years we will be visiting all the secondary schools in B&NES and working with Bath Spa and Bath University to spread the message.

As part of this campaign I was a co manager and helped with many aspects of the campaign. I visited schools to give them assemblies, attend some of the publicity events and also built the campaigns website.

The Campaign launched in March 2015. In October 2015 I was employed by the campaign to be Project Manager and manage and oversee the projects goals.

The Equalities Group

Bath and North East Somerset Council

2010 – 2016

I initially started volunteering work with B&NES Council after I attended the Young Peoples Parliament. There the suggestion of local community gardens was made, I then started to work to help make these community gardens a reality. As time went on I did lots of participation work for the Council, this was mainly the reviewing of childrens services that would effect me or other service users. I am apart of the commissioning process, which happens when a new service is starting or an old one is ending and needs replacing. I look at the needs that the service should provide and give my views on which service fits best. This could be decided simply on whether the service can write appropriately for young people.

Throughout this I also helped with the Young & Primary Parliaments and organised the 2015 Equalities Summit with over 100 students from local schools came to discuss equalities issues. I feel that my biggest overall achievement was the creation of a tutorial pack for schools on child sexual exploitation. The pack had to be carefully composed due to the sensitive subject and accessible to all students. When the pack was published it proved to be a great success and went onto other councils in the South West.

In the Phoenix Radio studio

Phoenix Radio

2009 – 2016

When I first started at Phoenix Radio it had a different name and I was still in Secondary School. I started my radio shows as a Co Presenter on one lunch time a week. I then took on the show as the main presenter and a break time show every day. Later on I also became a producer, teaching other students and making the shows output better. I then started a Breakfast Show from 8-9 every morning and presented on there until leaving the show in 2013. Since then I have been presenting a weekend breakfast show.